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NOTE: All firearms (excluding Black Powder) sold according to BATF regulations. FFL required on all firearm sales, excluding black powder firearms and muzzleloaders.

We have a number of ways to order items offered on this web site. Your final cost will include the price of the item, shipping & handling, and any applicable credit card charges. Please send us an email with the following information:

• The method of payment you would like to use. We accept payment by Cashier's Check/Money Order, Visa/MasterCard, or PayPal. No additional service charges will be added if you choose to make your payment using either a bank check or postal order. An additional 3.75% service fee will be added to your order if you choose to make your payment using a MasterCard or Visa credit card.
We also accept payment in Euros by Bank Transfer to our Belgian Bank Account.

• The name of the item you would like, or its item number,

• The type of shipping you would like us to use. We use FedEx as our shipping method of choice. Let us know whether you would like us to use regular or expedited shipping.

•We will ship books via either USPS or FedEx, though FedEx is preferred.

Send us an email with the above information.

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