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We have medals available from the following countries:

Flag - United States of America Medals of the States of the United States of America Flag - USSR
United States of America USA State Medals USSR
Flag - Austrian Republic Flag - Belgium Flag - British Commonwealth
Austrian Republic Belgium British Commonwealth
Flag - Canada Flag - CIS - Former Soviet Union Flag - Cuba
Canada CIS - Former USSR Cuba
Flag - Finland Flag - France Flag - Nazi Germany
Finland France Germany - Nazi
Flag - East Germany Flag - Imperial Germany Flag - Federal Republic of Germany
Germany - East Germany - Imperial Germany-Federal Republic of
Flag of the Weimar Republic Flag - Greece Flag - India
Germany - Weimar Republic Greece India
Flag - Italy Flag - Fascist Italy Flag - Japan
Italy Italy - Fascist Japan
Flag - North Korea Flag - Malawi Flag - NATO
Korea - North Malawi NATO
Flag - New Zealand Flag - Nigeria Flag - Pakistan
New Zealand Nigeria Pakistan
Flag - Philippines Flag - Poland Flag - Rhodesia
Philippines Poland Rhodesia
Flag - Rumania Flag - Imperial Russia Flag - South Africa
Rumania Russia - Imperial South Africa
Flag - South Vietnam Flag - Syria Flag - Thailand
South Vietnam Syria Thailand
Flag - Turkey Flag - United Nations Flag - Zimbabwe
Turkey United Nations Zimbabwe
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