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M1D Garand Sniper, Armory Built

Unfired, with as new M84 Scope and all parts.
S.A. Receiver dates October 1942!!!

M1D Garand Sniper, Armory Built

Unfired since Armory build. S.A. receiver dates October 1942. Scope, Muzzle Hider and all accoutrements new and with, or still in, original military packaging. Complete doc's from Armory with packaging. Of the few I have seen for sale, none have been in this condition or with this early of a WW2 receiver!! The new cheek pad, leather lace and brass screws remain in the package. The stock has been properly drilled for the pad by the Armory.

This is one fine M1D Garand for YOUR collection...

$6,850.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

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