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American Society MedalsAmerican Society Medals: An Identification Guide by Lee E. Bishop, Jr. and J. Robert Elliott, II. First Edition, First Printing, 1998. Hardcover.

320 pages including 640 high resolution black and white photos. This book covers medals from Colonial descendant societies, Revolutionary War Societies, Civil War Societies as well as medals from more obscure groups such as the Order of the White Crane and Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York. Information about each medal is provided along with a photograph and a brief history about the issuing society.

New in original shrink wrapping. No Longer In Print. These are the last available 1st Edition books from the estate of Lee E. Bishop, Jr. The only book of its kind. Get your copy before they are gone.

$69.95 + Shipping

American Battlefields of World War IAmerican Battlefields of World War I - Chateau-Thierry - Then and Now
Volume One: Enter the Yanks - As Told in the Actual Words of the Soldiers.
by David C. Homsher

$19.95 + Shipping

Generations of Americans born since 1918 scarcely remember or appreciate what their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers experienced in France during WWI. Knowledge of the battles, the battlegrounds, and the American participation in that war is no longer in our national memory. It is a sad commentary that “the war to end all wars” has been relegated to the dustbin of history less than a century after the final shots were fired. During World War I, almost five million Americans wore the uniform of their country; two million soldiers went overseas, and 116,708 of them gave their lives—53,513 in combat action and another 63,195 from disease and other non-hostile causes.

This volume is dedicated to all of the American soldiers, sailors and marines who fought so valiantly on land and sea and in the air during the greatest struggle for liberty in the history of the world prior to 1914. “Lest We Forget,” this book is written with a determination that “time will not dim the glory of the deeds.” As such, it is a labor of gratitude and respect for those who served so well.

Revolver and Pistole AutomaticheRevolver and Pistole Automatiche
First Edition (1990) by Enrico L. Appiano
367 pages, Hardcover. Printed in Italian.
Signed by Author.

$150.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

Walther: A German LegendWalther: A German Legend
First Edition (2001) by Manfred Kersten
400 pages, Hardcover.

The story behind the legendary gunmaker is told in a full-color, oversized book. Lavishly illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs.

$125.00 + Shipping

World of LugersWorld of Lugers, Proof Marks Vol. I
First Edition (1977) by Sam Costanzo
432 pages, Hardcover.
Signed by Author.

$500.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

The Krieghoff ParabellumThe Krieghoff Parabellum
Second Printing (1988) by Randall Gibson
279 pages, Hardcover. Signed by Author.

$250.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

Badges and Insignia of the Third ReichBadges & Insignia of the Third Reich
Second Printing (1984) by Brian Leigh Davis
208 pages, Hardcover.

All the most important cloth badges and insignia used by 64 different German uniformed formations. Eleven categories range from National and Organizational Emblems to Flag Bearers Insignia and Musicians "Wings." Along with the historic German Army, Armed-SS and Air Force shoulder straps and collar patches, coverage extends to obscure but fascinating insignia of such organizations as the Technical Stud Service of Prussia and the Female Signal Operators of the Organization Todt.

$39.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

The Luger BookThe Luger Book: The Encyclopedia of the Borchardt and Borchardt-Luger Handguns, 1885-1985 Second Printing (1991) by John Walter 287 pages, Hardcover.

$75.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

Luger: Die illustrierte Geschichte der FaustfeuerwaffenLuger: Die illustrierte Geschichte der Faustfeuerwaffen von Hugo Borchardt und Georg Luger 1875 bis heute First Edition (1982) by John Walter 310 pages, Hardcover. Printed in German.

$75.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

A Collector's Guide to: The Waffen-SSA Collector's Guide to: The Waffen-SS
First Edition (1994) by Robin Lumsden 160 pages, Paperback.

Features illustrations covering ranks, uniforms, equipment, divisional and national insignia and the history of the evolution of the Black Corps from a handful of bodyguards to an army in its own right.

$59.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

The Iron Cross: A History 1813-1957The Iron Cross: A History 1813-1957
Second Printing (1985) by Gordon Williamson
176 pages, Hardcover.

$60.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

Orders, Decorations, Medals and Badges of the Third Reich Vol. 2Orders, Decorations, Medals and Badges of the Third Reich Vol. 2
First Edition (1973) by David Littlejohn, M.A., A.L.A. and Col. C.M. Dodkins, C.B.E, D.S.O.
192 pages, Hardcover.

Includes awards of German "Volksgruppen" outside the reich, the pro-nazi parties of occupied Western Europe, and also the puppet states of Croatia and Slovakia.

$69.00 + Shipping [ S O L D ]

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